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    We're people who get how technology works, but more importantly, we get how people use technology and know how to make it work for you. We're good listeners and want to understand what works best for your needs.

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    Managed IT Services

    Affordable, Personalized, Responsive

    Tech Tonics can act as your tailored IT department or supplement your current staff. Consistently, our clients experience a reduced cost of IT compared to hiring their own IT staff, yet have the benefit of a team of IT professionals there when you need them. Tech Tonics’ knowledgeable and experienced staff know that working together to find the right strategy saves time, reduces overall costs, and creates satisfied relationships.

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    Green Your IT

    Put your Sustainable IT Plan into Practice

    IT equipment power usage is a major factor in energy consumption and carbon emissions, so IT Managers are on the front line for achieving greater sustainability.You will be surprised how you can save the planet, save money and improve your IT infrastructure at the same time. Contact us today to discuss the possibilites. Your business and our planet will appreciate the effort.

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    Systems in Place

    Why reinvent the wheel? We continually improve our IT support systems so that you don't have to. From a Support Ticket Tracking System to diagnostic software and hardware tools, we have widely-implemented best practices in place for IT support and implementation, including cloud computing, server virtualization, database development, web hosting and design. We know Technology and are on call to satisfy all of your IT requirements. We have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes to reduce their daily issues and move the focus to long-term strategies. Our approach will give you the flexibility to evolve with technology and your business needs alike. We take pride in our work so you can take pride in yours.

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    What people have to say about us.

    "I have been working with Tech Tonics for a very long time. I feel very fortunate to have such a resource. Kevin Pedersen is who I work with from Tech Tonics and I find him to be a brilliant mind. He understands the most complex things in a simple way. Kevin takes the time to explain to me what he is doing or has done to the computer or network. Sometimes I even learn something! To his credit over the years I have learned a lot from Kevin. I have always found Kevin to be extremely responsive. Kevin is calm and can solve a computer or network crisis in no time. I would not let anyone but Tech Tonics work on my computers or my office network."

    -Oceanic Realty, via Yelp

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    Tech Tonics will send you a check for $100 if you refer a customer to Tech Tonics who signs up for a six month minimum Managed Services Agreement (MSA). Managed services include server, network infrastructure and desktop support, web site management and search engine optimization (SEO). Contact Tech Tonics to find out more about MSAs, which may also include discounted hourly rates.

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    Limited to referred customers without any pre-existing MSA or other service contract through Tech Tonics, including existing customers.

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    We start by focusing on people. Technology is just a set of tools, and different people work better with different tools...