Audiovisual Services

Ground Control to Major Tom

Clients typically call us in to fix their computers, then once they get to know and trust our expertise and commitment to customer service, they have us return to integrate their digital media with a fully-networked, multi-room audio/video system. We pride ourselves in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, so you can call us many years down the road for fine-tuning, upgrades and modifications.

rocketWe can offer a more realistic, down-to-earth perspective on what makes a good AV system than a dedicated audiovisual vendor/installer who will try to sell you "audiophile" products that have little or no measurable effect on audiovisual output quality (although they have a considerable effect on your disposable income). Unlike home theater vendor/installers whose profits rely on product sales, we are just installers, so there is no incentive to promote products that do not provide a noticeably enhanced audiovisual experience. All products we provide are billed at our cost, with no mark-up. We judge audiovisual systems not only by well-trained ears and eyes, but by their relative ease-of-use and, fundamentally, through a solid understanding of the science of audiovisual fidelity, based on proven, measurable audio, video and electrical characteristics.

We may be able to make your stereo sound like magic, but our approach is purely scientific.

We have a strong practical understanding of how to get the best quality audio/video experience for your money. Many clients initially hire home theater companies or big-box retailer field reps, then get tired of ridiculous and impractical costs, unreliable service and poor levels of technical expertise, at which point they turn to Tech Tonics to solve their problems. Most of us store music on our computers and mobile devices, so it makes sense to turn to a technology company to help use them to their full potential. That said, we also appreciate the warm, rich sound of analog recordings, and can replace the needle on your record player and integrate it with your modern AV system, even if it lacks phono inputs.

Comprehensive Service

A typical job involves assisting with the selection and purchase of equipment, planning wiring (speaker, network, electrical, AV), mounting the projector and/or screen to customer specifications (e.g. wall mount, ceiling mount or hidden lift/drop system), installing and calibrating the equipment to the room and using professional programming tools to configure the universal remote control with automated commands so that each activity is associated with a simple button, instead of having to press six buttons on three or four separate remotes just to watch a movie.

One Button to Perform a Series of Tasks

For example, after everything is set up, you would press just the "AppleTV" button on the universal remote to perform several steps, such as: Turn on the TV (and raise TV lift, if installed), set TV input to AppleTV (e.g. HDMI 2), turn on amplifier/receiver, set amplifier input to AppleTV, set amplifier surround mode, configure remote to control AppleTV playback/navigation and amplifier volume

The same "one-remote, one-button" functionality would be programmed for your Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player, DVR and other audio/video sources.

Interactive Whiteboard and Presentation Systems

We work with many schools and businesses in specifying, installing and supporting the hardware and software for interactive whiteboards, digital projectors and public address systems for conference and multi-purpose rooms.

A Level of Support to Meet Your Needs

Our billing practices support both the "do-it-yourselfers" and those who want us to take care of everything for them. We're happy to design your system and advise you on how to install it, but will refund you the design and planning fee if you decide to have us do the work for you. Jobs vary widely, depending on the number of rooms and difficulty of running wiring to each speaker location and/or mounting speakers in-wall or ceiling, but a typical one-room surround sound audiovisual system takes about eight hours to set up thoroughly. If you think we would be a good fit, please contact us to provide a custom-tailored solution to your audio and video needs.

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