Management and Consulting Services

We bill hourly at the standard rates listed below, as well as offering discounted rates to clients who are eligible for Managed Services Agreements.

Each Managed Services Agreement (MSA) is based on your specific needs. Tech Tonics will meet with you to review your facilities and make recommendations for service scope and monthly hours. Depending on the amount of hours retained per month, you may be eligible for a discounted pre-paid monthly rate. MSAs typically provide two to forty hours of on-site service per week through our team of consultants.

We will assign a primary consultant to manage your needs, a virtual CIO. Plus, you not only have access to your primary consultant's knowledge or availability, but can call upon the skills and resources of our entire team. Managed Service Agreements of 30 or more hours per week can expect a substantial discount off the standard hourly rate. The minimum MSA commitment required for discounted rates is a 6 month term.

Item Price
Minimum on-site service charge (one hour)
Minimum remote support charge (fifteen minutes)
Standard hourly rate (M-F 8AM-6PM)
After hours rate (nights and weekends)*

*Night and weekend rate may be waived at consultant's discretion.