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Important Information for Tech Tonics Hosting Clients

Web Admin and Webmail

The following secure settings should be used for all domains hosted by Tech Tonics. Please note that, although our website address is, all hosting settings should use Contact us if you are unsure of what type of hosting you use.

Tech Tonics Hosting Control Panel (AKA cPanel: Manage FTP, database and other hosting features)
Control Panel
Legacy Control Panel
cPanel User Documentation
Content Management Systems (to edit your website content, substitute your address for yourdomain)
Drupal CMS https://yourdomain/user
WordPress CMS https://yourdomain/wp-admin

G Suite (Google Apps) Hosting Web Pages
Admin Console

Email Settings

The following settings should be used in setting up your email app on your computer or device.

Description Tech Tonics Hosting (legacy) G Suite (Google Apps) Hosting
Incoming Mail Server (POP, IMAP),
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
POP Port (Password, SSL) 995
IMAP Port (Password, SSL) 993
SMTP Port (Password, SSL) 587
IMAP Path Prefix INBOX [Gmail] (optional)
Username (required for both incoming and outgoing mail) your full email address (e.g.

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