Our Team


Kevin Pedersen

IT Consultant, Database Developer, Owner

Kevin has always been driven to understand how things work and to share that knowledge with others. As an engineering undergrad in the nineties, he worked at the Center for Magnetic Recording Research and the Center for Excellence of Advanced Materials at UC San Diego. He has practiced the art of HTML since 1993, and has done professional web and graphic design since 1995. Kevin’s engineering career included design work for the Next Generation Space Telescope and NASA satellite payloads while living in San Diego, but he eventually returned to his Northern California roots, building a consulting clientele under the business name Marintellect from a handful of clients in 2002 to over 250 clients when he took over the Tech Tonics name from long-time business colleague Peter Higbee in late 2012.
In addition to IT management and design, Kevin enjoys assisting people with database development and audiovisual systems. The natural scenes found throughout this website reflect Kevin's love of the outdoors, which he shares regularly with family and friends.

Technology is fascinating, but what I find rewarding is not simply tinkering around with electronics, but helping people solve challenging problems. My goal is to help people use technology appropriately and effectively.

Kevin knows how technology works and explains it in a clear fashion, to help deliver the best solutions for each unique business or individual.

Bahareh Adami Ardestani

Bahareh Adami Ardestani

LAMP Engineer, SEO Consultant &
Web Application Developer

Bahareh is a motivated and skilled UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer science graduate with highly effective problem-solving skills.
She has in-depth experience with MySQL, MongoDB and MariaDB, solid understanding of InnoDB, non-structured data stores, implementing ODBC connectivity for MySQL databases, managing a global database landscape and Linux command line and Shell scripting. She is proficient using HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Jason & Bootstrap and experienced using web content management systems like Wordpress and Drupal.
Importantly, Bahareh keeps herself up-to-date with W3C standards and the fast-moving SEO landscape, particularly technological and search engine trends, changing algorithms and ranking factors. She understands the importance of always staying one step ahead in this dynamic and ever-changing field. She is experienced in deep keyword research, site information architecture, technology decisions, content optimization, ranking/traffic reporting and link auditing using tools such as Majestic, Raven & SEO Radar.
Before becoming a US Citizen, Bahareh was forced to seek refugee status in Turkey with her family due to religious intolerance for non-Muslims in her birth country of Iran. Bahareh finished high school with 4.00 GPA, as one of the top performing mathematics students in Iran, but going to college was not a reality for her. It was merely a dream. With virtually no money, she came to the United States in 2008 to continue her education and begin a new chapter in her life. When she arrived, although her luggage was empty of material wealth, she remained well-equipped with repressed energy, which later shaped her into creative contributions to student life at UC Berkeley and beyond. Bahareh won many academic awards, including a Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. She continues to be a generous contributor to community education and outreach programs and currently lives in San Rafael with her spouse and 1-year-old daughter.


Mike Kupietz

Mike Kupietz

Database Developer, IT Consultant

Mike has loved computer programming since 1979, when his folks had the foresight to enroll him in computer classes and buy him an original Commodore PET computer in sixth grade. He was the first kid on his block to have a computer, by about 5 years. After learning a broad array of programming languages and software over the next decade, Mike started working with FileMaker Pro in 1994.
Soon after, he moved to the Bay Area, where he worked for 15 years as IT Manager, in-house FileMaker developer, and webmaster for the Green Tortoise Adventure Travel company, logging thousands of hours building databases and web applications for every aspect of the travel company and its sister guesthouse business. Meanwhile, involvement in FileMaker user groups resulted in offers for freelance FileMaker projects, which led to more word-of-mouth, and over time, a favorite hobby grew into a primary occupation. Since then, Mike has been a leading consultant to a very wide variety of businesses and individuals, throughout the Bay Area and nationwide.
Mike loves the challenge of solving problems, refining & fleshing out client visions for how their businesses can run more smoothly. He prides himself on clear communication skills and helping people with less technical ability in better understanding how FileMaker works and what it can do for them.
Other skills include extensive expertise in Macintosh platform administration and troubleshooting, many years of web development (including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and PERL to various degrees) and search engine optimization experience, as well as Windows administration and general networking expertise.
Away from the computer screen, Mike loves to travel, secretly plays a pretty mean guitar, is perpetually within 20% of completing his first CD of avant-garde electronic music compositions, and, determined to find a way to maintain his aura of relentless cool despite the onset of tragically unhip middle age, has lately become an aspiring saxophonist.

Jeremy Holt

Jeremy Holt

IT Consultant, MCP

Jeremy Holt is a local Marin Resident who has has been fascinated with computers and technology most of his life. He knew by the age of 10, when he disassembled and rebuilt his first computer, that he had found his passion.
During high school Jeremy was in charge of tutoring other student on computers as well as running the computer lab. At the age of 19, Jeremy began his career in computer technology by establishing his first consulting company, Marin Networking. His focus was on small business support for: VPN, Networking, Servers & Workstations, FTP, Data Management and Security.
During college, Jeremy began working for the City of Sausalito as their Systems Administrator implementing his knowledge in Exchange, DNS, Active Directory, Document Management, VoIP, Server & Desktop Virtualization and Enterprise level Security. Jeremy offers expertise in the aforementioned fields as well as Mac OSX/iOS and Mobile Device Management.
Jeremy holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a Focus in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.
Currently working on certification in VMware, MCITP, CISSP and ACSP.


Brian McDaniel

Brian McDaniel

IT Consultant

Brian is an established, yet down to earth, IT and UC system consultant with a wealth of computer, network and customer support experience. Brian was the A+ student who wrote the computer science lessons for his teachers in high school. He was the university infosystems student who proctored exams and programmed non-linear regression analyses for NOAA. He led the econometrics computer lab and designed databases for the CA Energy Commission Technology Evaluation department in graduate school.
Brian was recruited to educate Bay Area at-risk youth in critical thinking skills before being enticed into a cyber security career by a Silicon Valley startup. For the next fifteen years Brian led thousands of IT security assessments and spent thousands of hours protecting our Critical National Infrastructure against fraud and cybercrime. Brian now brings his IT expertise, passion for the elegant solution and love of customer service to the Techtonics team.
On the personal side, Brian has a passion for his two daughters’ sports and education; winning both the Community Service Award for “Outstanding Service and Support to the City of San Rafael”, and the Terra Linda Orcas Swim Club’s highest honor for “Outstanding Contribution”, the David Smith Award. He is a certified Marin County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Certified Disaster Service Worker, trained to assist with Fire Suppression, Disaster Medicine, Search and Rescue, Victim Extraction and Disaster Organization procedures. Brian is also a long time Marin musician, fungophile, organic gardener, kayaker and mountain biker.


Peter Higbee

Peter Higbee, MCSE

IT Consultant on Sabbatical

Peter is an established IT consultant with 15 years of computer and network support experience. He got his start at UC Berkeley, where he assisted in the teaching of digital field mapping, and worked at the Berkeley Space Sciences Lab as an IT support technician and GIS analyst.
He subsequently worked with several Bay Area companies (Stillwater Sciences and Technicon) before moving to New Zealand where he took a position as a Systems Administrator for Ra Productions Animation Studio. In 2002, Peter began work with New Zealand Security Cards as a systems analyst where he remains a consultant. Upon returning to California in 2006, he founded Tech Tonics and began full time free-lance IT support.
Peter has worked with a wide range of business operations, including: scientific and medical facilities, non-profits, universities, architecture and design studios, video production houses, and corporate systems. He is keenly focused on computer systems as tools to enhance creativity and productivity. Peter is currently on sabbatical, working with the Supercomputing Project at the University of Otago, New Zealand.
Peter’s specialties include: Communication, Windows Servers, Networking, Data Retention, Mac OS X/iOS, Database Management, Networking, Security, Database Design and Management, Web and Email Servers, “Hardware, Software Management.”