The Sum of the Whole is...

Greater Than its Parts

Our gestalt approach to providing technology services reflects an understanding that a team whose members have expertise in many areas is greater than disparate specialists unaccustomed to working together.
Multidisciplinary and Multitalented

Our education and experience includes not only computer science and information security, but business management, design, ergonomics, teaching, electrical/mechanical/structural engineering and design. Our team offers expertise in many areas of technology beyond simple tech support.

Our services include graphic design, development of instructional curriculum and user manuals, web development, database development, audio, video and home theater system construction, system optimization and integration of a wide array of technologies.

Proactive Management of Your Business Infrastructure

We are trusted by our clients to help them achieve what is important to them: namely, providing service to their own customers and strategically transforming their business, rather than investing precious time and resources in managing their core technology infrastructure.

We enable this by maximizing the useful life of existing infrastructure and taking advantage of new technologies, while simplifying the complex by integrating multiple technologies into a single managed service plan.

Real Human Beings

We don't just speak geek. Tech Tonics consultants are real human beings with interesting lives in the real world. We have a diverse array of hobbies and interests beyond the computer screen, and many of us are involved in humanitarian and volunteer efforts abroad and in our communities. We care about our families, our friends and our world. We are not simply techies, but people persons who get technology. This helps us to better relate to our nontechnical clients, like real human beings.

Meet The Tech Tonics Team

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