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iOS Mail Setup

The screenshots below are from an iPhone running iOS 7, although similar steps can be used for iPads and iPods running later versions of iOS. There are two sections listed here. You can skip to the second section if your account has already been created and you just need to check your settings. If you are setting up a new account, be sure to follow the instructions in both sections.

I. Configure a New Account
II. Verify/Adjust Email Settings for Existing Account

I. Configure a New Account

1. Press the home button on the front of your device, then tap the Settings icon (see left).Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. Tap Add Account (Fig. 2), or if you have an existing account, skip to step 2 of Verify/Adjust Email Settings.

Fig 1.Mail, Contacts, Calendars Fig 2.

3. Select Other (Fig 3.).

4. Enter your full name, email address, password and a meaningful description (Fig 4.), then tap Next in the upper-right.

Fig 3.Mail, Contacts, Calendars Fig 4.

5. Enter the settings shown in figure 5, with both incoming and outgoing mail servers set to, then tap Next.

6. Turn off Notes as shown in figure 6, then tap Save.

Fig 5.Mail, Contacts, Calendars Fig 6.

If your email settings do not save/verify successfully, please check your that your full email address is entered in the User Name fields, confirm your password and other settings. Contact us to reset your password if you do not know what it is.

7. Once the account has been successfully created, hit the home button on the front of your device and tap the Mail app (see right) to check your email.

8. Checking your mail gets the list of mailbox folders off the server. Next, return to Settings and follow the steps below to verify your email settings and make some adjustments to your mailbox behaviors (Fig 7.).

II. Verify/Adjust Email Settings

1. Tap the Settings icon on the home screen of your iOS device. Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars to list your email account(s).

2. Select your email account (Fig. 2).

Fig 1.Mail, Contacts, Calendars Fig 2.

3. Verify that Mail is On and Notes are Off (Fig 3.). Select your account again and verify your incoming mail server settings. Your incoming mail server host name must be set to to avoid "Cannot Verify Server Identity" errors (change it if you see another server, e.g. Next, select your SMTP server (Fig 4.).

Fig 3.IMAP account Fig 4.IMAP2

4. Select your smtp server again (you may see instead, Fig 5.). Verify/change your settings to match those shown in figure 6. Your outgoing mail server host name must be set to to avoid "Cannot Verify Server Identity" errors. Click Done and your settings will be verified. 

Fig 5.SMTP Fig 6.SMTP

5a. IMAP Server settings (see POP settings below). From the Account screen (Fig 4.), scroll down below SMTP and select Advanced. Verify that the settings match those shown in figure 7, then scroll down and verify the settings match those shown in figure 8.

Fig 7.Advanced, IMAP Fig 8.Advanced, IMAP

5b. POP Server settings. If you are using a POP account, disregard the mailbox settings. Just verify that SSL is On, Authentication is set to Password and Server Port is set to 995.

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